Clare Turnbull

Professional of Translational Cancer Genetics, Institute of Cancer Research & Consultant in Clinical Cancer Genetics
Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Clare is a clinical consultant in Cancer Genetics and a Professor of Translational Cancer Genetics in the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology at the Institute of Cancer Research.   Her research spans statistical, population and public-health-related analyses of cancer epidemiology, genetic cancer susceptibility and implementation of expanded genomic testing, with a particular focus on delivery of effective cancer early detection and prevention.  She leads a £4.3 million CRUK-funded Catalyst Award: ‘CanGene-CanVar: Data Resources, Clinical and Educational Tools to leverage Cancer Susceptibility Genetics for Early Detection and Prevention of Cancer’ program, involving analysis of national genomic datasets against PHE National Cancer Registration datasets with a strong focus on variant interpretation.  She also leads BRCA-DIRECT: a CRUK-funded program to develop and pilot a digital platform to deliver BRCA testing, enabling extension of testing to all women with breast cancer.