InHealth Group

18 March 2020
Park Plaza Victoria

Key Partners

InHealth Group

Delivery Partner for Diagnostic Services and Healthcare Solutions

InHealth is the UK's largest provider of diagnostics services and healthcare solutions to the NHS, providing a range of financial, commercial and operational delivery models to satisfy tactical and strategic requirements.  InHealth delivers services across Radiology, Gastroenterology, Mammography, PET-CT, Cardiology, and community assessment and treatment services, from over 400 fixed, relocatable and mobile sites to over 1.5 million patients each year.   A dedicated investment fund also allows us to bring innovation from across the world to improve healthcare delivery in the UK.

InHealth’s expertise, coupled with our ability to invest quickly and at scale, means we are uniquely positioned to provide transformational healthcare solutions.  With over 25 years’ experience of working in hospital and out-of-hospital environments, InHealth continues to build collaborative relationships to deliver scans, tests, and examinations, right through to integrated pathway solutions. Working together with the NHS, we deliver substantial cost savings, provide significant capital investment, increase capacity, reduce waiting times and improve patient experience and outcomes.

InHealth continues to lead the way in the provision of a range of flexible, high-quality healthcare solutions across the UK, meeting long and short-term capital and capacity requirements, whilst offering broader contributions to the NHS, which improve value whilst always delivering excellence in patient care.

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