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18 March 2020
Park Plaza Victoria

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Lloyds Pharmacy

At LloydsPharmacy, we are challenging established ways of delivering healthcare and pharmacy services. The complexity and number of patients requiring specialised treatments is growing as well as patient expectations. As a company LloydsPharmacy is moving from a dispensing partner to a full end-to-end healthcare provider, enabling patients to access hospital care in a local community setting.

Supported by our network of specialist trained nurses we can dispense and administer patient medicines at home or in the local community. LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare is one of the most experienced providers of clinical homecare in the UK. We provide care to more than 85,000 patients in the comfort of their own home, work or in their local community – ranging from delivery of medication to specialist nursing for complex conditions.

More recently LloydsPharmacy has developed three new innovative services: Speciality Pharmacy, Healthcare Centres and Mobile Units. These models provide patients with a choice to have traditional hospital based Intravenous and Subcutaneous treatments in the community. These services offer patients more convenience, choice and access to treatments while releasing precious time for NHS clinical and operational teams to look after more patients.

As the market leading pharmacy outsourced services supplier to healthcare providers within the NHS, we have improved patient experience and delivered efficiencies within NHS Pharmacy for over 15 years by releasing capacity, space and clinical resource to drive improved patient experience and outcomes. 
To find out more about how LloydsPharmacy can help your organisation improve patient care, drive efficiencies and free up clinical resource please contact David Willis, National Speciality Development Manager on 07702 155 500 or email david.willis@mckesson.uk.


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