Rachel Cashman

Fearless Facilitator

Rachel Cashman is the founder and creator of The Fearless Facilitator Method™, an approach that is uniquely grounded in her experience as an executive and leadership coach with over 20 years’ experience (including at the highest levels of senior policy making) and in the recognition that the quality of human interaction and relationships in the workplace has a powerful effect on job satisfaction, performance and business success - especially in organisations facing complex operational and policy challenges. 

Once described by former NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, as his “Head of Knotty Issues”, Rachel is clear that safe, fearless dialogue is key to helping organisations thrive beyond their current limitations, uniting people and teams and unlocking untapped business potential. Throughout her career, she has successfully refined her methods, using robust evidence, to help deliver better business outcomes and healthy high performance across government departments, within global corporations and across not-for-profit sectors like the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). 

A specialist in psychological safety, Rachel is often called on by businesses that lean on her skills and expertise to embed sustainable high performance in VUCA environments - these are workplaces characterised by ‘volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity’ that often create uncertainty for individuals, teams and managers and outcomes that are unpredictable. Sectors that may particularly benefit from implementing The Fearless Facilitator Method™ include: 

  • Crime, Law & Order 
  • Industrial Relations 
  • Health & Social Care 
  • Policy Makers 
  • Adults & Children’s Social Services 
  • Multinational Manufacturing & Retail 

Through her business, the Fearless Facilitator, Rachel designs bespoke interventions for individuals, teams, managers and leaders via facilitated workshops, webinars and online seminars. She is regularly commissioned to deliver keynote speeches, written articles and expert commentary on psychological safety and on her ability to create safe spaces for effective dialogue - where people and employers feel supported to take stock and work collectively on practical steps towards deeper relationships, increased satisfaction and better business results.