Accelerating the Cancer Pathway through Intelligent Automation 

Tuesday 30th April 10.30-11.15 

This is a promotional webinar, organised by SS&C blueprism in conjunction with HSJ and is fully funded by SS&C blueprism. 

There are myriad challenges in cancer care and treatment, but none is greater than that of the workforce. As we explore solutions, Intelligent Automation (IA) is emerging as a genuine gamechanger for the cancer pathway, automating critical labour-intensive manual tasks, resulting in freeing up time for healthcare professionals to focus on human-centred patient care. 

This webinar will feature case studies from those working on the ground, and will explore how IA can: 

  • Optimise navigation across multiple, disparate systems, releasing time and accelerating pathways 
  • Provide ‘digital workers’ to alleviate workforce pressure from increased activity and the challenge of recruiting and retaining staff 
  • Improve Cancer Outcome Dataset reporting and meeting Faster Diagnostic Standards 
  • Support MDT meeting preparation and actioning outcomes 
  • Speed up tracking of diagnostic testing improving 62 day wait time performance 
  • Build capacity and resilience 
  • Support better communication and collaboration 

 With plenty of time for questions and discussion, we will take a deep dive into how intelligent automation technology can accelerate organisational value quickly and demonstrate the holistic benefits (for patients, healthcare professionals, the system, and society as a whole) which can be realised both rapidly and cost-effectively. 

Speakers include: 

Ben Glover

Ben Clover, Bureau chief and webinar chair, HSJ 
Karen Gorman
Karen Gorman. Head of UK Healthcare, SS&C blueprism  
Martin O'Callahan
Martin O’Callaghan, Cancer Services Manager, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Femi Odewale, Managing Director, North East Cancer Alliance 

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